Total Population: 21,957| Curbside collections households: 7,987
Curbside Collection type: Modified single-stream or dual stream
with a separate bin for glass

With new glass recycling rules set by recycling facilities, Decatur public works staff explored recycling options and gathered feedback from the community. A resident survey offered options, including sending glass to the landfill and an increase in the cost for providing recycling.


Although surrounding communities had eliminated glass entirely from their recycling programs, Decatur has traditionally set a higher standard for environmental sustainability. An online survey developed with the assistance of the Environmental Sustainability Advisory Board collected more than 630 responses on this issue. More than 90% of respondents indicated they were willing to pay an additional $25 to $35 per year to continue curbside glass recycling services. And more than 78% of the respondents were willing to provide their own bins for separating glass to be recycled. 


The City of Decatur took into consideration that approximately 20% of the current recycling stream is glass. Adding the additional weight from glass into the waste stream would increase landfill disposal fees and other costs associated with garbage collection. In July of 2016, Decatur began charging residents $25 to recycling glass a separate bin. The city has a 97% participation rate according to city officials which the attribute to a comprehensive education campaign. 


Source: City of Decatur